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I posted on lees board a year agon in dec after waiting three weeks with no reply from lee. the post was read 73 times and no one posted anything else. At the time less posted on tinkers guild of a spam attack on his corp web pages and email he took down his bb and stopped using his old email addy on his corp web page.about that time warfinger and others were asking for there markers or email from lee and people found out about lee neon. At that time lee posted on few boards that he may or would be filiing for bankropcy protection. At that time a few people one that was in the armed services used a jag office to help contact lee. Also as war has posted a local sherif served lee some paper work. About two months ago lee changed his main web page again and placed a new email addy on it. punisher1 -at- punishers-customs -dot- com he replied to my email from
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