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First thing i would do is get a friend or whoever to be a "opponent" ask him when you are in the position to snap shoot and when you actually are snap shooting is there anything out in the open that shouldnt be. Ex. elbow, leg, arm, too much of the marker or mask. Its all about keeping tight but also to be somewhat accurate when you are snap shooting. After you get comfortable with the stance or in any case different stances to snap shoot with also get into the habit of firing quick bursts 1-4 shots maximum. Also on a quicknote get comfortable with your opposite arm while shooting.(I learned the hard way about the importance of using both arms and sides of bunkers.) After you get the whole stance and comfort down through practice (of course) start ACTUALLY snap shooting. Get out there while still playing tight and shoot. The accuracy part is a little iffy for me because I am decent at snap shooting for the most part but in no way as accurate as the most of the guys at my feild where i play. probably the best way for snap shooting would be a friend being there as a target and also someone who is going to keep you down. Practicing snap shooting is going to consume alot of paint but if you keep at it itll do wonders with your game. Overall get comfortable with the position, get into the strict habit of staying tight, fire as soon as the barrel is past the bunker, try to keep your elbow in hopper in and your marker as tight as you can get it into the bunker. Having a friend shooting at you while you are snap shooting will help alot more than a bottle sitting on a wood stump.
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