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Originally Posted by warfinge View Post
the pressure must be on for Lee to do this. I'd say that pressure is by this thread starter. A lot of people have said some nasty things to him but he is putting pressure on Lee and fortunately, it works. The trick is to keep the pressure on. He will eventually give you what you want so you will go away. Persistence pays.
Actually, I had an Email from him this morning.
I'm sure that it was prompted by the people who are complaining in a legal sense, and what can I say?
Thank you.
For pushing the issues, and developing an internet paradigm that produces results far beyond my expectations. I might have waited more years before coming to conclusion on my own projects from Lee.
I'm still not complaining, I fully expect that the product will justify the 4 year wait.
But if it happens with any expedience, it's most likely due to the pressure brought to bear by others than myself.
If donnachaidh was the one who forced the issue, then props are due.

But I will add one more thing. Punisher is not a company, it's one man doing this in his spare time.
To me, my spare time is worth more than what I get paid to work. I would expect anyone else in the same situation to feel the same. And thar's what I would expect from Lee.
Put yourself in his position. Would you work all day at a regular job and then come home to work on peoples markers?
That's a tough choice. Once you make it you are responsible for what you've taken on as projects.
Punisher has taken on these responsibilities and projects not through the love of money but the love of paintball.
To give the man grief over that is unfair, in my opinion.
In the long run, I've heard of extraordinary waiting periods but never that he failed to produce what was promised.
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