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Originally Posted by Pyrate Jim View Post
To give the man grief over that is unfair, in my opinion.
In the long run, I've heard of extraordinary waiting periods but never that he failed to produce what was promised.
I can relate to the sentiment. After watching this for all these years, I have to say that Lee hasn't disappeared as I had assumed he would. He many times proves me wrong. Significantly so when he returned my marker. I honestly believed he did not have it any longer. He has sent work out to select people that have reported fulfillment after I assumed he was doing nothing to the backlog nor intended to.
On a personal level though, while I'd love to cut him some slack, he was offensive and unrepentant when I had been nothing but nice over two years of delays. I can "understand" his dilemma but forgiveness is harder. When all he had to do was ship my stuff back and no hard feelings, he made it a year long personal duel of wills. I really REALLY want to see him pull through all this simply for all the people I know that have a significant piece of paintball love in his possession. I'd like to see him salvage his rep and make people like me look like total ####s. I will be the first to stand up and say he was right and a man of his word. If he makes it.

Sadly, I don't think he can. He consistently fails to learn from his mistakes. He is bitter and ready to attack and insult anyone who complains in the slightest (but only in protected forums or email of course) He has yet to admit and shoulder responsibility unconditionally for his problem with his customers. He blames his customers consistently. He has steadfast friends here and there that help shield him from repercussions in public forums. I will be extremely Conservative and state that my deal put me $250 in the hole by the time it was over.

Like I said, I would love to see him pull it out but judging from his last post on his blog.....
4 guns a week and twice as many packages full of bits and pieces.
How can this be? does that mean he had jobs numbering in the thousands? or is he taking new work? or did he mean just for that one half week that HB got his phantom?

Other than his friends Haveblue and Shane-O I am just not seeing his work out on the forums anywhere. I am not seeing completed work feedback. All I see is a huge customer base holding it's collective breath, waiting. Forgive me but I believe it's a lie. A stall. He is in some sort of mental rut and only foot to *** is going to get him moving.

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