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Originally Posted by jghicks28 View Post
hey since parts are impossible to find for these things now, what if i wanted to change my trigger? i saw one guy with an angel like grip frame on his, what would i have to do to change the trigger or grip frame, and are there any triggers still on the market for other guns that are compatible?
Gripframes for other guns aren't compatible with bushies without heavy modification. It's possible but takes quite a bit of work, its not exactly a drop-in mod.

You may have seen an angel space frame on a bushy, but more likely it was an OTB frame. They were vert frames made for the bushy, discontinued several years ago but you can still find used ones online sometimes, check the BST forum on thats the best place to find one.

If you look at used parts, you have quite a few options for new triggers and frames.
-Zenitram 45 magnetic frame (very well machined and not too hard to find, may be pricy)
-Macdev Sonic frame (I have one, nice frame, feels like an Angel LCD frame, but a little hard to find)
-OTB frame (90* frame mentioned earlier)
-Acid Custom frame (these are vert frames custom made by Acid Paintball in Australia, amazing frames but very pricy, hard to find. Most ppl dont want to part with theirs, and Acid no longer makes frames)
-Powerlyte Grip Stix frame. (I had one of these, its a 65* frame, but crap trigger. Mechanically its the same as the original B2K frame, it just looks cooler. Don't bother unless you're really curious)
-Z frame, I think made by Dingo Paintball, later sold by Zenitram. Its a reverse-angled frame, tricky to find but they're out there. I haven't used one of these.

For triggers you can get a custom-made trigger from Acid Custom, or check out Vaporworks' triggers, I've had one of these and they're great especially for the price. Both are available new, but you can find them used as well. I think thats it for triggers.

edit: just noticed Zenitram actually has some old stock of frames they're trying to get rid of. Here is the link.
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