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I'am PMR owner, first thing you'll notice about a stock PMR is the huge amount of AIR it uses. I bought the Pure Energy 4500 PSI 88CI LP tank (Big tank). Helped keeping my trips to fill station to a minimum, but the real difference was when I added a new bolt (TECHT L7 bolt) What a difference, saved air, operates on lower preasure with same FPS. No more extreme PMR kick; That, with a new barrel (Lapco - Bigshot 14") has made my PMR awesome. Very acurate, quiet, and with the UL frame added very fast.
What is your setup and settings? I wanted something to counter the efficiency. It can save me some money with the field that I play at. They dont charge entrance fee and you have the option of buying all day air or pay for single fills.

To make sure I got this right, it makes sense that if I get a lighter bolt that it would take less pressure to move it meaning that I can drop the pressure on my reg. If I drop the pressure doesnt that mean I'll have to increase my dwell?

1) If say in this scenario Im running at 150psi, a dwell of 25, with a paint to barrel match, stock bolt, and I end up with 280fps.

2) The next scenario If I used a lighter bolt, dropped my pressure down to...pretend 115psi, dwell of 25, and with a paint to barrel match, wouldnt my velocity be slower?

I guess my question is, wouldnt I have to increase the dwell (using more air) to get the paintball up to speed since I dropped the pressure? I mean the drop in psi was because Im using a lighter bolt, but the paint Im using is still the same weight so dropping the psi reduces the amount of pressure used to propel the ball and to compensate I would have to up the dwell right? Would it be worth it for me to buy a new bolt to get better efficiency? Do I need to buy anything else in combination with the bolt to get some real decent results or would the bolt alone suffice (want to make sure I know how much I'll be spending)?

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