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You're kinda on track, the lighter bolt along with the spacers (included) mean a smaller area within the marker that houses the air for that shot. I actually lower the dwell and increase the regulator to produce the same FPS with less air. My setup is as follows.

PMR - 07
Techt L7 Bolt (new generation with spacers) See Here for all the details:
Lapco Bigshot 14" cocker barrel
ST locking feedneck
Dye UL Frame
CP Dovetail On/off
Empire Magna Loader with RF transmitter for Dye/UL
New Dezigns Metal Backcap

My dwell is set @ 18 right now with no issue's. You'll notice right away NO MORE Kick.
Thanks. One more question, have you noticied with the L7 if your bolt is cycling all the way with the low dwell?
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