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The cake is a lie
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Sorry my bad
Evil wayz is right
The SP-8 is a electro
and Mil-sim doen't have anything to do with range.
I didn't mean to put that there.
But the matter of the electric-mechanical thing in there holds true.
Shooting speed (which is the only thing electros TRUELY have over mechanicals) is not of any importance to a sniper.
And since we are playing with s, instead of high caliber streamlined bullets, true long range is not practical. This is why I emphasize concealment and skill so much. Hiding until target come within range is far more practical than from even 300m impractical
But sorry for the mistake
Ephesians 3:20
Now on to him that can do exceedingly, abudantly above all we could ever ask or think according to his power that workth in us.

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