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Originally Posted by IronCorps View Post

In the Army Lieutenants must at least hold a Bachelor's degree to commission. During ROTC or OCS, they're taught to use the senior NCO's as references and for advice when needed. Most of the LT's I've met so far have been squared away, half of them prior-enlisted.
The underlined portion of that statement is why they are squared away.

Our LT's have 4 year degrees as well. But I'd swear they all have Medal of Honor syndrome and half of them are retarded. We have a joke in the Marines that goes something like this:

Q: "What do you call a Marine with half a brain?"

A: "Sir."

I called a buddy of mine in a STA platoon out of Lejeune and he told me that Quantico is where they train the east coast Scout/Snipers and Kenohaoe Bay , Hawaii is where they train the west coast snipers. The Q course for Quantico is at the FBI academy.
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