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$200+ for your Marker

I am in the market for a new marker and have around $200+ budgeted. It must be in perfect working order, and no more than usual wear and tear. Ups are welcome. You must have pics somewhere I can access for consideration, and with your name written on a piece of paper next to the marker for final decision. It must also have a barrel and a reg, to say the least (i.e. fully functional as soon as it is in my hands). What I am interested in:
  • DM4+, PM5+, PMR, SLG
  • Invert Mini
  • Shockers (must have vision), Ions (must be upped, at least a new feed neck and QEV)
  • X-mags, Emags
  • Angels (no older ones)
  • Timmies (only interested in alien, ripper and dragon, or has a cool body)
  • Thresholds
  • Freestyles
  • Other interesting and worthy ep markers

What I am not interested in:
  • Blowbacks (Kingmans, Tippmanns, clones, etc.)
  • Cockers (unless you want to sell me your perfectly working Karni for $200)
  • Wraths
  • 2003 and older markers (unless it is something special)

Any questions, just pm me or post.
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