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Maverick/Tracer FAQ

What barrels can I get for a Maverick, and what threads do they take?

Check out this thread:

The Maverick, Tracer, and Hornet share the same barrel threads, most often labelled as Tracer or Maverick threads. I know of a number of barrels for the Tracer in circulation, but I am not sure which, if any, of them are still made. Taso, J&J, Smart Parts and Armson have all made Tracer barrels. Check the following for possible sources: Not sure of their status. I believe the website is just down, but I have no contact info on them.

How do I adjust the velocity?

Maverick Deluxes have velocity adjustable bolts. If yours is one of these, stick the provided allen wrench down the barrel and into the bolt and turn clockwise by quarter turns to raise velocity, and vice versa. For larger adjustments, you will need to switch the springs inside the gun. A stiffer main spring will raise the velocity, as will a lighter valve spring. Generally, changing the main spring is the best way to go. Any nelson or autococker spring kit will work.
You can get a spring kit, a velocity adjustable bolt and some miscellaneous stuff here:

What other upgrades can I get?

If you don't have one already, get a velocity adjustable bolt. Also, everyone should have a nelson spring kit for help with velocity adjustment. A .45 block can be purchased from: and will allow you to mount standard bottomline ASA's and drop forwards to your gun. If you would like to improve consistency, running an anti-siphon tank or a remote is a good idea. Adding a regulator will further improve consistency. I highly recommend the WGP regulators that come stock on autocockers. They can be purchased for $20-$30 used. Some possible regulator setups are:

Male regulator mounted off of the backbottle ASA with a hose running to the bottomline.

Female regulator, into which a tank can screw directly. An example is the CMI R-2000.

Male regulator mounted on a gas-thru stock via an ASA and elbow, with a remote running to it.

Can I run nitro on my Maverick?

Yes, but you will probably want to have a drop forward for balance and a regulator for consistency. You should probably get a .45 block, drop forward, and regulator, which should total between from $60 up depending on what kind of parts you get.

My Maverick won't cock when I pump it back. Help!

Since it is a nelson based pump, you need to gas it up first, before it will cock, unless the valve spring is very stiff.
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