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CSPO Hired Guns Woodsball Tournament Series

'lo all.

Our CSPO Hired Guns Woodsball Tournament Series Game 1
"Return to the Jungle"

is taking place July 20 in Vancouver BC area.

We have special discounted rate for out of province teams for only $200 for the squad of 8 if purchased online before July 1st. We anticipate $4,000-$7,000 in cash prizes.

For info, video of previous games, teaser movie, online ticket purchase, other information and questions, see our homepage

This site doesnt let me post links so simply google CSPO and you'll find us quick

If you make the trip you get to be in the tournament for half price to compensate you for your travels!

(Please do not PM me on this board, I am unlikley to answer within a reasonable period of time. Please ask your questions in the official thread on the CSPO site)
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