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Originally Posted by Paint Bulley View Post
take chances, have fun.

yesturday we had a game and our entire team decide to take minimal cover and just to mainly advance, we didnt loose a single person .
That's good times. The full-on offensive can usually catch the other side off guard, especially if used with some duck-and-cover, making it hard for them to get a head count. My team used it a few games back, with one guy laying cover and everyone else focusing on one player at a time. We were in four man teams, but when you make it three on one, the intimidation factor makes the other side make stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, this tactic will usually only work once per outing. The other guys learn quick, if their worth their salt.

But seriously, I've always found if you know your field, mix up your tactics, and have a good line of communication with your team, you can't go wrong. We recently tried not moving at all, staying concealed at our end (it was a standard death-match style, not CTF or anything) and it worked amazingly. The other side was utterly confused when we didn't rush them, or flank, or even move, and they walked right into ambush.

And if you can, find The Art of War by Sun Tzu at Barnes and Noble and read it. It's like the basis for all modern warfare, and transfers to paintball pretty cleanly.
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