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The Raising Dead Aug 9th

Maximum Rush Paintball
the Shattered Angels

Zombie Game

"The Raising Dead"
writen by Marty Sweetman

The M Corporation is one of the largest research companies in the world, with studies in nearly every field from agriculture to molecular physics. What is a little less known, even to the CEO of the M Corp. is the secret military research arm. A group without a name, their sole task is to develop new weapons, better soldiers, and push the boundaries of what modern science and engineering can do.

A molecular biologist, Dr. Gregori Mashkof was infatuated with the idea of a soldier who would be nearly impossible to kill, would never require sleep, and who's sole purpose would be to kill the enemy, without questions. Dr. Mashof developed "Cronus" for this very purpose. What he came up with so horrified even the secret division that he worked for, that he was fired from the M Corporation, his credentials ruined, and his research destroyed. Yet everything in life is about balance, you cannot have one without the other, yin and yang, and to this there was an anti-virus produced, "Zeus".

Dr. Mashkof, insulted, humiliated, angered by his former employer went rouge. In one last act before taking his own life, he unleashed Cronus on the population.

The M Corporation at first attempted to contain the outbreak, quarantining the victims underground, away from the public sight. However, this only worked for so long, and they escaped. The documents about the anti-virus and its sythesis destroyed in the cover up, The M Corporation only has a few vials in it's possesion and woefully short to contain the outbreak. So The M Corporation quickly moves to recover the last remaining vials of the anti-virus that Dr. Mashkof fled with before the infection spreads.......

August 9th
9am to 8pm
Pre registration begins June 13 and ends August 2nd


Field Fee Pre Reg 6/13/08-8/02/08-$25 AFTER 8/03/08 $35
Includes All day air and free camping
field paint only
Paintballs Brout to you by Nelson Brand Paintballs

*Hemorrhage $55 after 8/03/08 $65

*Special Forces $60 after 8/03/08 $70

*Anarcy $65 after 8/03/08 $75

*Or you can register by mail.
Make sure you put your full name, Phone # and return address
994 Rehberg Rd,
Greenbank, WA 98253

Or call
Phone - 360-632-9898
web -
Show your id card on sunday and play for just $5
HPA and CO2 avalable
Snacks also avalable

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