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Body and Color: Gloss black PBX
Front and back block: Stock front, PBX Shuttle in the back
Frame: PBX Frame w/ PBX 1.00 board and a CP Slingblabe
Ram (qevs if any):Nexus w/ Freeflow QEVs
Pump arm: Some aluminium one
Bolt and pin: Stock PBX
Valve: MTX mQ2
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: a black IVG to hold the mQ2 in place
Ball Detent: Dual Viking style detents
Cocking Rod: none
Beavertail: ST snatchgrip w/ beavertail removed
Feedneck: CCM No Rise
Regulator: AKA 2Litre+
Barrel: 12" BOA Snakebite (.688)
Hopper: Cheetah'd Halo
Air Tank: Macdev Legion Air 68/45
Consistency: +/- 3
Efficiency: need to count it
Amount of paint through the gun: a case
Date Received: April 08
Problems?: eats batteries like fat chicks and cake, also very picky on batteries
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