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I have another gun hobby. Re-finishing stocks, and it truely is an art. I re-finished the buttstock on this rifle. Lots and lots of sticky tru-oil.

Sigh, step 1 in a long restore process!

Here is another one I'm working on. The stain is not dry yet.

Here, have some more.

^ the rifle on the top I worked on for hours upon hours. Glass bedded it, and got it shooting clover leafs at 100 yards only to have the stock cracked in a wreck.

It went from this

to this (cleaning process and rust removal)

to this (after polishing, bore cleaning, and action cleaning

to this(i didnt have money for a blue, so i gave it spray paint, been done before with great success, and I re-finished the front wood.)

That is the kind of art I do my friends. Gunsmithing, and wood re-finishing is truely an art. I am no qualified gunsmith, but I have experience in a lot of things as far as gun smithing goes.

Did that over the hurricane. 3 coats of stain, 4 coats of wax.

The rifle right there is the same one up there thats under the bolt gun. I got rid of that dog ugly checkering and all the dents and scratches from hunting and a car wreck. I'm satisfied. Time to find a nice receiver sight for it.

EDIT: I re-did the furniture on it again today with some minwax red mahogany 225. I'm going to give it a coat of gloss polyurethane tomorrow and then lightly buff it with 0000 steel wool just to take any slight imperfections out. After that give it a coat of wax. Expect finished pics Monday.

Gloss polyurethane and some wax.
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