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Originally Posted by SavageBall666 View Post
lol get the 12 inch the only gain you will find with the 14 inch is probably the sound. out of every post of schecter's i have seen they have not been good and i have learned to disregard his posts
Is English really your first language?

I've been playing paintball for 6 years. I've worked as a gun tech in a paintball shop for 4 months. I worked at a field off and on for a year. I am coached by the very man that runs I have his cell phone number. How does your resume look?
I know what I'm talking about, clearly you don't.
06 SFT Shocker-CP roller bearing trigger, NXT reg, Empire mini ASA, Q lock, NXT bolt guide
Pulse hopper
68/45 tank w/ myth reg

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