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Originally Posted by spydadude View Post
I'd like you to join the Slapaho tribe with me. That same thing happened. I give that cd a D-.
I'm in.
I honestly couldn't listen to any of the songs long enough to rate it.

Originally Posted by paintballjames View Post
The overall CD wasn't that great but I do like a few of the songs on it.
I listened to a couple of the songs people told me were good, but all I heard were average beats with mindless, bland mumbling over it. with some random laughs.

Get some.

Preliminaries Wed 3:12 PM PSP1 ATL (Division 3)
Preliminaries Wed 6:12 PM PSP1 CFP Factory (Division 3)
Preliminaries Thu 8:36 AM PSP1 Cerebral Void (Division 3)
Preliminaries Thu 10:24 AM PSP1 Motor City Madmen (Division 3)

So pumpeeeeeddddddddddddddd
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