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Originally Posted by Samrog777 View Post
I'm in.
I honestly couldn't listen to any of the songs long enough to rate it.

I listened to a couple of the songs people told me were good, but all I heard were average beats with mindless, bland mumbling over it. with some random laughs.
"Phone Home" is the stupidest thing to ever happen to music since the RIAA. Because I downloaded that album, I had to download two other albums just to get it out of my head. It was like having flashbacks to terrible points in life. Lil Wayne sucks. He can come up with some okay rhymes, but his delivery is horrible, and the voice pisses me off.

I like Indiana, but I want to get out and see the world. My parents aren't going to even let me go out of state for college, so this pretty much sucks.
Get me out of paintball!
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