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why? i don't know

Take that!

prolonged exposure may result in temporary sight loss and brain damage

sometimes my eyesight turns black after my brain shuts down in protest of being tricked into prossesing the visual information this marker broadcasts. i usually just kicks its arse with alchohol. that'll learn it.

i was going to make it into a voltron theamed ion with all the voltron lion colors. instead i painted it hot pink, then redid it in yellow. future mods include 5 min alone with a hack-saw resulting in BOB, spikes on t3h trigger guard and more battle scars from inevitable harsh play. it needs a new reg like i need a college education. bad.
Originally Posted by Uziel Gal
You mean 8 inch barrels and flame drops aren't cool? Going to have to re-think some of my marker setups.....

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