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Fact is people aren't playing paintball as much as they used to. PMR, vibe, SLG, all of those are supposed to be volume based marker. Say take the DM8 vs a PMR. Dye may have to sell 4 PMR's to get the money they would get for a DM8. However, people aren't buying as much, and so to make enough money, they have to make more on each PMR. Big companies like dye and smartparts has a lot of overhead, and to keep from running out of money they had to raise the price.
Let me also point out the rising inflation, which could also be one of the causes. Then you have rising oil prices to transport it.
The PMR, vibe, SLG, and SP-1 also are made of a lot of plastic. As you know plastic is a petroleum product, and as oil goes up so does the price of plastic. The guns are costingmore to make than they did a year ago.

You can't blame a price increase on greed only. If you think about it this price increase was a long time coming.
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