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Hmmm, this sounds great and all, but I live in Monterey now, and unless you feel like driving up here to play at the bomb field I play at (, your outta luck. Thats OK though, cuz Im sure I couldnt keep up with the Emster!!! <--Sarcasm

For real though, whats the deal with all the pics? Is it sooo important for you to show off your weak set-up?? With all the money you sunk into that thing, you could have gottn something pretty sick. Upgrading a Spyder is a total newbie move. Its like NOS on a Pinto, but less fun. Anyways, if I make it down to SoCal anytime soon Ill definately hit you up, and play some ball. Otherwise, best of luck with your game and your setup.
My Setup--->

-Custom Shocktech/Sandridge NE Cocker
-Eclipse Hinge Frame
-Dye 10" Titanium
-Lapco SS Bigshot
-J&J two-piece
-custom-milled internals (it hums)
-Kapp DZ II Cradle
-Gen X Reg
-88 3000 HPA
-Skillz to pay the Billz
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