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Years playing:9, almost 10.
Setup:icon w/ 20oz Co2(i have many), looking to get a better marker and gear, had to sell the last lot, due to lack of money(i know sue me)
6 years woods ball.
2 1/2 speed ball.
1 year hyper ball.

What i'm looking for:
Age range: anyone over the age of 16.
setup: dosnt matter, as long as you can shoot it and shoot it well.
experience: i prefer some one with at least 1 year in the following.
speed ball.
woods ball.
hyper ball.
Newbies are welcome, dosnt matter if your just starting or already know how to play.

You can contact me threw my yahoo messenger or my email.<---serves as both messenger and email.
Thanx for looking. Like i said newbies welcome.

***NOTE*** I havnt played in awhile, so if i'm a little rusty, just be patiant

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