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in my opinion a sniper is some one who can shoot, kill, and move on to the next trget, without giving away position unless needed. To me to snipe you need to take your time, aim, concentrate on the surroundings and take in consideration of the distance you are shooting and how the wind and trees or w/e the case maybe to make that shot hit! cause God knows if you miss you might not get a second try. As in paintball I fail to see how this can be very sucsusfully acomplished; but there is a friend I play with at someones house who is called "the sniper" because he always seems to be abel to take out like 3 guys from out of no where with out being seen or heard. and most of the time unless we get close to him he never gets hit out. he dosent even wear camo. just normal cloths, but he knows where to hide and all that jazz... so thats my take on this whole subject... and just clearify, I dident read all 15 pages of posts, I read the top 5 and commented accordingly... not that I seriously think any one will pay my one comment any attention...
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