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Body and Color: Karnivor -- Black/Crimson acid wash (thanks Grunt Bull)
Front and back block: Karnivor
Frame: PE E2 (not Karni E2)
Ram (qevs if any): PE .44 & QEVs
Pump arm: Karnivor titanium
Bolt and pin: DDS Ligament
Valve: PBX MQ Valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: PBX MQ
Ball Detent: Warped Sportz Iron Cross delrin detent
Cocking Rod: N/A (chopped Karni)
Beavertail: Karnivor snatch grip
Feedneck: CCM clamp
Regulator: AKA 2 Liter+
Barrel: Deadlywind Fibur
Hopper: Pulse
Air Tank: lots
Consistency: +/- 3 FPS
Efficiency: Nice.
Amount of paint through the gun: few boxes
Date Received: built, not received, in '06
Problems?: None.
Comments: Godlike.
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