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Gorak Broussard
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ya i have the same problem as stated above. im new to the pmr (or proto in general) and i got this gun used for a sweet deal, and have found a few things i cant quite understand. so far i have my dwell set to 18, and my marker wont let me get thru 340 balls to my 68/4500 tank, and about 380- 400 on my 88/4500 tank, and 200 or less on my 48/3000 tank. i also noticed that the marker wont let me shoot past 11bps, so i know for sure it shouldnt go thru this much air normaly when i get over 1200 balls out of my cocker sr with a 88/4500 tank. what would you all recomend i do to this gunit is broken in for sure, and i replaced all of the o-rings in the gun.
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