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Originally Posted by Roadking013 View Post
hi, new to this forum but i needed some help, i bought my PMR a few months back and i read a lot of reviews on it and i saw that a lot of ppl have had trouble with their back caps, and i still have the stock "composite" one, but i went to clean my bolt one day and the back cap came off with out the bolt,

my question is: is the back cap supposed to be attached to the bolt, if it is how do i fix this?
No, the back cap is not part of the bolt.
Originally Posted by kwalski View Post
"The best VL marker" isn't saying much at all. Thats like saying "While there are many peices of crap, this peice of crap is the best of the bunch"
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Just add in the "Sorry if this seems weird or out of line, I just rarely see you and I assumed this would be the easiest way to contact you and ask for your number and surprise buttsecks".
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