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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
Care to make a gentleman's wager on that fact? Cuz I reckon either the Dawgs or the Gators are going to be hoisting that crystal football this year.
I do not think it will be UF, but I think the UGA has a good shot, but for some reason I think this year might be OSU's year. They might actually pull on out. AS far as the wager, I was not talking about this upcoming year which I think Alabama will be lucky to get 9 wins with their schedule of playing most of the tougher teams away. But I do think we will beat Auburn this year and that will make Bama nation happy.


My point still is correct. LSU almost lost to UA, a team that lost to ULM. So I am not sure which is worse. No one is saying the lose to ULM was not embarrassing, all I am saying is the national champions should also be ashamed of almost losing to a team that lost to ULM. Has far as the ULM game, we got rid of the rotten apples who got mad at Saban for making them actually practice. Hopefully Saban will get rid of the players running things culture that was present under the Shula years.

As far as my prediction last year I showed after the season that most of that was a couple of plays from actually happening.

Oh, do not worry, I am not taking any of this as personal, just good spirted ribbing.


You got a couple of those out of order, so I decide to fix it for you.

Alabama>Florida>Tennessee>Horse Manure> Big 10+1>Horizontally Gifted Phil (i mean at least horse manure has a purpose)
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