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Originally Posted by coolrazer View Post
Ready for the UT-UGA game this year? I don't know what to expect. One of two things will go down. A) It will be a very close game, as both teams will be playing well, and a mistake by one team will give the other the edge. B) UGA destroys UT because we kept you guys out of the SEC Championship, and probably the NC last year.

I'm hoping for A, with Tennessee coming out on top.

I don't like the great pumpkin either. Last season, I made it my personal goal to make sure the rock on campus said "Fire Fat Phil and hire Jon Gruden" for two weeks. I spent like $100 bucks on spray paint, and sadly, Fulmer is still our coach.

I'm sorry, we discuss successful programs here.

Oh I am very very very ready for the UT/UGA game. Im doing my best to get to athens for that game. Hoping the dawgs dont disappoint. Course if anything, they should be wanting to eat your team alive. I kno I want to.

Evil, Ill let you set the terms

lol at GTech's Jersey's.
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