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Originally Posted by Paintballrocks View Post
Go ahead and do it. remember pg 51. Where PBRocks declared that Florida would suffer greatly from the major arse whoopin brought upon by UGA.
A reminder of how long ago 1980 really was.The last time you mutts won a National Championship:

1) Star Wars was still in the movies (i.e. Empire Strikes Back)

2) Bob Barker was still on the Price Is Right

3) Chuck Woolery was on the Wheel of Fortune and the Dating Game

4) Most of UGA youngsters weren't even born yet

5) Charlie's Angels was on television, and Happy Days, and Laverene & Shirley, and Three's Company and..

6) Pac-Man was just coming into the arcades

7) Everyone was still playing pinball machines back then

8) Leif Garrett was still a teen heart-throb

9) Everyone was playing Atari video games

10) Everyone was playing 8-Track Tapes too


12) Jack Nicklaus was in his prime, winning two majors that year.

13) Tiger Woods was in kindergarten.

14) Ronald Reagan was just about to assume office.

15) Marvin Hagler had just become middleweight champ.

16) Walter Kronkite was just stepping down as anchor of CBS News.

17) Kenny Rogers "Lady" was the No. 1 hit of the year.

18) Jessica Simpson was a newborn baby.

19) IBM was banking on large mainframe computers being the wave of the future.

20) Some wealthy people had carphones. No one knew what a cell phone was.

21) The first CD was two years away from being created.

22) The first DVD was over decade away from being created.

23) The shotgun was a novelty formation used by the Dallas Cowboys and virtually no one else.

24) Ted Turner was just launching CNN in the face of a skeptical media.

25) Disco was still a popular music genre.
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