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Originally Posted by CollegeBoy View Post
Suffice to say your wish will be unfulfilled. Got to love LSU fans and their recent anger at UA especially when Alabama fans could really care less about LSU.


Mizzou sucks, sorry Rock Chalk Jayhawks Go KU (did I just say that, man I need to get down south to some real football)
Maybe it would have been better of me to say I hope they don't win a game in the SEC. Its no recent anger with UA, its just the fact that I haven't liked UA for as long as I can remember, the recent anger you're alluding to is the fact that a coach basically skipped out of LSU for UA. So why not hope even more that he chokes on a big one while being paid the most?

Originally Posted by Wolffhardt View Post
Just before you get your panties in a knot..
LSU, UGA, USC, Bama even... >>>> Mizzou in reality.

Doesn't mean I can't root for my home town.
I really don't like you or the way you try to portray yourself. You've been trying to create a name for yourself since signing up.

First, you say Mizzou> SEC.

Then you go back and say LSU, UGA, USC, and Bama> Mizzou?

Does ULM> Mizzou too?

If you don't have some SEC news or input to contribute, gtfo. Feel free to make a thread about your conference if you want though.
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The solution is simple: kill yourselves.
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