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No it's cool. I talked about the SEC. Thanks for the feedback though.

And yes, I said Mizzou > SEC because I'm a fan. Not because it's true....

You think half hte teams ppl are rooting for, are actually better then LSU and UGA and the like? Obviously not. It's kinda the spirit of College Football actually.

And yeah, I thought the USC would get some laughs

And before I get an infraction for simply answering you..

My comment was much more on topic then yours. Mine at least talked about football.
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Saw them fire off an RPG in the infamous greenspoint, or gunspoint... My part of town just has a lot of gang bangers.
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I have 200 acres in angleton Texas, and my families business has 1600 in west texas.

Don't blame me in 8 months. I voted for McCain.

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