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I stand by what I said. Their toughest games are at home. And much easier matchups on the road, with needing to worry about going to Arizona so early in the year being their biggest problem to living up to expectations.

That's as close to a schedule set up to win, as it gets in the SEC. That's my opinion. You can continue to blindly ***** about it, but it really won't get you anywhere.

Paintball, I appreciate your input. You trying to just blend in with everyone else for hating me because I joined this year and dare I speak with anything more then, "I completely agree *fap fap fap*". Really does wonders for your ego I'm sure.

And yes, I realize they do have to goto LSU. It being later in the season, it'll already be pretty evident whether or not they are living up to the #1 seed or not.
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Saw them fire off an RPG in the infamous greenspoint, or gunspoint... My part of town just has a lot of gang bangers.
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I have 200 acres in angleton Texas, and my families business has 1600 in west texas.

Don't blame me in 8 months. I voted for McCain.

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