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Originally Posted by Paintballrocks View Post
Once again, you make an *** out of yourself. Im quite sure pantz read the article, and Im sure coolrazer knows good and damn well that no schedule in the SEC can be "made to win"
Actually I read ESPN daily at work(I don't work very hard at school) and I read it when it was still fresh and on the front page lol.

Originally Posted by Wolffhardt View Post
I stand by what I said. Their toughest games are at home. And much easier matchups on the road, with needing to worry about going to Arizona so early in the year being their biggest problem to living up to expectations.

That's as close to a schedule set up to win, as it gets in the SEC. That's my opinion. You can continue to blindly ***** about it, but it really won't get you anywhere.

Paintball, I appreciate your input. You trying to just blend in with everyone else for hating me because I joined this year and dare I speak with anything more then, "I completely agree *fap fap fap*". Really does wonders for your ego I'm sure.

And yes, I realize they do have to goto LSU. It being later in the season, it'll already be pretty evident whether or not they are living up to the #1 seed or not.

Yea, paintballrocks is the only one with a problem with you.. /sarcasm.

None of us would have a problem with you if you'd not offer ignorant input about the SEC to a bunch of SEC FANS. Common sense would force a normal person to think twice about coming in here and stirring it up. This is a great thread and we don't disturb anyone. Rarely we seriously flame people in here, we love Grim and respect his school because he doesn't come in here and make a butt out of himself spewing crap as facts and informed opinions.

I don't care how much BS you throw into other OT threads, but if you're going to continue to post in here learn your place and stop causing crap. Don't call out paintballrocks, everyone thats responded to you in here is calling you out. It isn't just him. He isn't the one out trying to make a name for himself and boosting his ego. You're causing controversy instead of contributing to intellectual dialogue. If you can't do the latter and must do the former then make a thread about your conference of choice where you can rant and rave about how great they are and how terrible the SEC is.

I wish pbr would allow you to add users to an ignore list.
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The solution is simple: kill yourselves.
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