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I said compared to some other teams. Their hardest games are at home.

When generally most teams have to face some difficult games on the road, their hardest is LSU on the road. Which like I said.. is as CLOSE AS IT GETS to being made to win (In the SEC..)

As for grim, the post I made yesterday was more of a quote then a thought. From the ESPN article, but it doesn't make much sense looking back. You can have that one, though I stand by the fact that their hardest games are on home turf.
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Saw them fire off an RPG in the infamous greenspoint, or gunspoint... My part of town just has a lot of gang bangers.
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I have 200 acres in angleton Texas, and my families business has 1600 in west texas.

Don't blame me in 8 months. I voted for McCain.
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