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I don't recall any blistering insults, and considering I'm guessing you are MY age, and the rest of the folks on this thread are children, I'd say you are behaving childishly, not them.

We have kicked UGa's *** in jax all but 2x in the last 18 years. It might as well be ahome game, since Jax is a home to MANY Gator fans, and it's an hour away from Gaineville.

So do some research.

You still haven't explained to how you came to the conclusion that all their hard games are IN ga. Georgia Southern and Vandy don't seem like tough matchups to me.
Stupid infraction.. I had a very long post made when it said I couldn't post yet.

While Jax might BE like a home game to Florida. It IS a home game for them. You beat them all those years, because you were a better team. (Still are in my opinion, I'm just going off their rankings.) Arizona State will only be a true test if they show up to win, which remains to be seen if they will. Everyone will consider it an upset none the less. Their hardest game, imo, will be Florida. which is at home. Bama won't be a pushover either.

LSU being their biggest test on the road, with Auburn behind it. I can see Auburn making it difficult but I can't see them winning.

You're right, I am probably more your age then theres. I wasn't being childish, I was trying to have a debate/conversation. If I came in here and just said "I agree guys. Great thread keep it up". Would feel rather useless. Just because their being childish doesn't make me the moron. The insult comment wasn't really directed at you.

Edit: I hope no one says they are good as expected, when they slaughter Georgia Southern.
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Saw them fire off an RPG in the infamous greenspoint, or gunspoint... My part of town just has a lot of gang bangers.
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I have 200 acres in angleton Texas, and my families business has 1600 in west texas.

Don't blame me in 8 months. I voted for McCain.

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