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Originally Posted by Evil_Wayz View Post
Wolffhardt. Jacksonville, Florida. FLORIDA. One hour away from Gainesville. It's four hours away from Athens.

How do you figure its a home game for the Dawgs?
I know what state rofl, I've been there many times.

I consider it a home game, because that's what it is on the schedule. GA will have plenty of fans there.

If ESPN's schedule is a typo???

I'm assuming it's not.
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Saw them fire off an RPG in the infamous greenspoint, or gunspoint... My part of town just has a lot of gang bangers.
Originally Posted by spydyrodeo View Post
I have 200 acres in angleton Texas, and my families business has 1600 in west texas.

Don't blame me in 8 months. I voted for McCain.
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