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Got an update for everybody since the Myth reg is becoming very popular.

When buying a tank, what things should I look for in terms of safety?
Besides looking for a tank that will fit your budget, style of play, and also provide a good recharge rate, safety should be your number one priority and concern. Not only for yourself since you will be holding and using it but also those around you should you leave your tank unattended or lend it out.
The biggest thing is the burst disc. With tank regulators like the Myth becoming popular because of the light weight and small size as it aids in the goal for the 'smallest and lightest' set up, people over look the lack of a key safety feature. The lack of a low pressure burst disc.
Tank regulators come with two brass nuts on the side the majority of the time, one is a low pressure burst disc and the other is a high pressure burst disc. Each has a rated pressure that will break once that pressure is released should the regulator fail.
Low Pressure discs usually rupture when the regulator begins to creep from damage or wear to the regulator, allowing more pressure to enter the regulator then designed. The burst disc will burst with a loud pop or bang and vent the air as a safety precaution.
A high pressure burst disc usually ruptures in a worst case scenario. These can also rupture from the tank being over filled at the fill stations. This is usually from a total failure of the regulator and the entire pressure of your tank tries to exit the tank at once and into your marker. The high pressure burst disc then breaks and vents the air, not only saving your marker but potentially life and limb around you.

What is so unsafe about the One burst disc design like the Myth?
The lack of the low pressure burst disc is what is dangerous. If the tank regulator spikes or creeps there is no safety precaution to stop the added pressure from entering your marker. And if you use a high pressure rated macroline like I do, then the line will not burst. This leaves only the high pressure burst disc as your only safety net in terms of the tank regulator.
To further prove a point there was an incident involving a Myth regulator and the lack of the low pressure burst disc which could have injured the user. This is the result of that tank regulator failure.

The tank regulator crept or spiked suddenly, the macroline was a high pressure line, and the air found the weak point. In this case it was in the regulator.
Macdev is investigating this currently and waiting to receive the regulator and pieces for examination along with more information from the user as of this posting to determine how and why the regulator failed in such a way. This shows you how dangerous these single burst discs can be despite the improvements in designs.

Originally Posted by James@MacDev View Post
wow this is really bad, i have never ever seen a reg blow apart like this.

i would like to say we will replace this reg regardless of the abuse if any it has recieved. we need to get some more details on what air system was being used etc. and get the remaining parts back for a check up.

im guessing an airsystem with only a single burst disk was being used
kiddies these things are dangerous and should not be used. a single HP burst disk will only protect you from overfilling. these blow at 7500 PSI, with out an LP burst disk things like this or worse can happen.

i would like the ASTM to step in and do something about these systems before a real accident happens.
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