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Speaking about lawsuits, I caused my store to get sued.

I was pushing carts, and this one lady for whatever reason decides, "hey, I'm gonna park my car in front of the corral because I'm a *****" so no carts can be put in it or taken out. So to show my appreciation, I take a few carts and place them around her car in such a way it would be very inconvenient for her to exit her makeshift parking spot. That was 2 weeks ago, and today I'm told she is suing the store because I apparantly damaged her car. I made certain not to dent her car, my revenge was to inconvenience her as she inconvenienced me, not to cause any real damage. Now, it is possible that another customer decided to ram a cart into her car for some reason, but I hardly see how this is the store's fault especially when there are signs posted in the parking lot that say the store is not at fault if carts that are not returned to the corrals hit your car, and on top of that she freaking blocked off one of the corrals a cart can be returned to.

Oh well, knowing our sue-happy society keeps the civil courts tied up, this is something I probably won't have to worry about since I'm looking for a new job anyways.
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