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Originally Posted by GranDream View Post
Nice avy. Muse is FTW.
Yes sir.

Originally Posted by PbAllWiZZ View Post
Sleeping till 2 FTW

Oh, and Gran, quit that place. Shaws sucks. Very badly.

And I apparently got an infraction on September 7, for a drug reference. When I went back and looked at my post, the only thing from that date was me saying I was munching. As in eating...
Eh whatever.

And going to NJ on the 4th for a pig roast. Aw shiggity!
I haven't gotten an infraction since February.

Edit: I miss playing guitar, I might buy one next week.
Originally Posted by inuyasharox4776 View Post
lols, p8nt freak, I could imagine your court hearing now.

*insert name here* is guilty of 2 charges of epic lulz.
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