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Business Name: Paintball Charleston

Location: Charleston, SC

Telephone Number: (843)552-1115 Store (843)761-5575 Field Weekends

Registration Fee: Recball: $10 if you have your stuff
Speedball: $15

Rental Equiptment Fee:$15 to play all day plus get the rental stuff

Fill Stations: CO2 and HPA

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:They have a ton of different field paints, pretty much all you could want. I would recommend buying the paint from inside the store...better kept.

Styles of Play Available: Woods and speedball. Currently the speedball field is open every first and third sunday of the month. It sucks for those who love playing speedball but the owners have their reasons and we have tons of respect for them

Comments/Conculsions: I have been playing there on/off for years. I even played at their old field before they moved to North Charleston. I don't know of any paintball fields in SC that can match them. I agree that they still lack in speedball time but thats not their money maker...woodsball and scenerio games are. The owners are very honest and really love paintball. Both owners got me into playing paintball and have gained a great customer. Paintball of Charleston is just the best.
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