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I was playing outlaw ball the other day in some woods. I wouldn't even say woods, I would say its more of a thicket of thorns. Anyway, I started using a tactic in woodball that you hide under a bunch of thick bushes, thorns, leafs, small paths that rabbits and other small animals have made, etc, something to keep you covered. But at the same time I can see some of the larger paths that larger animals like deer, dogs, 4 wheelers, and other people have made that surrounded me (people tend to use these paths because its easier to get around and not so much stepping over fallen trees, branches, thorns, etc). Because the woods are so thick, its basically, move and make alot of noise and get shot at, or stay still and wait forever. So to make them come to you faster, you shoot a few rounds every now and then, but of course make sure nobody is around you while your still hidden. Sometimes people will come to where the firing was and this is when you can ambush somebody. I played a 6 person free for all round, and I shot everybody and came victoriesly by using this tactic, they all heard me shooting once, then they heard me shoot somebody out, then the next, etc. Another tactic I learned was when I was playing a different round, we played teams of 3 vs 3, and even though my friend didn't use this as a tactic on purpose, he kept the sun to his back (it was late in the evening, the sun was at the angle it would get in your eyes if you were facing that direction) well anyways, because the sun was behind him, I didnt see him leaning on the tree when he was firing at me because the sun blinded me. I be sure to keep that tactic in mind next time its late in the evening.
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