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what is soo CUSTOM about your gun? everything on it is stock. you put a drop forward and a hopper on it and thats it. you bought it just the way it is now. So tell me again WHAT I SOOOO CUSTOM ABOUT YOUR GUN.


So you did a barrel and a reg and warpfeed on YOUR em1. Thats not That custom, when YOU do some milling, anno and really neat uniquie things
my EM-1 stands out from all other EM-1's.

your Angel on the other hand is just like all the other Fly's i've seen. there is nothing unique or custom about it.
TELL ME, what milling or anno job did you have done on your gun. Or did you just buy it stock just the way it is.

So 2k1AngelShooter, you need to realize putting a drop forward and hopper on a Angel does not make it custom!!
EM-1's KICK AZZ!!!

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And Still Using The Stock Bolt

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