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sp-1 just got one

now ive been searching for a nice low priced marker for a while, i have a tippy 98 but a friend of mine had gotten a vibe. i fired it and liked the way it fired, it was lighter than my tippy so i began my search because i love the mil-sim look the sp1 fit the bill i seached the reviews and i was sold .

ok soo i went and got it the other night and i love it. i read some where you can put a flash light on it so i took the screws out and found the hidden screw and i tried to take it out it will not unscrew, the sp1 was hanging on the wall out of its boxs so im wondering if the guy at the store had used it as a demo model and striped out the screw or something the hex screw was a bit worn so i think it was screwed and unscrewed quite abit

should i take it back and get another sp1 or should i just deal with no flashlight ?
fog in a game is great as long as its not on my mask lol
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