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im to old to run anymore
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i figured they advertised the bps high when i first turned it on with no balls in it i thought for sure it was going to eat my balls up for lunch lol it was so load but when i got some balls in there it quieted down . handled full auto no problem !

what do you think about the barrel?
the shop guy tried to sell me a nice 2 peice barrel
i was a little scared to get the bottom peice stuck in the shroud so i went with the nightstick it looks great on the sp1
only problem we had was with the jewels on the barrel but with alittle work it fit fine

thanks for all the help getting my sp1 in order for the spring its really to cold for anything at the moment

some practice in the back yard is about all i can do right now
fog in a game is great as long as its not on my mask lol
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