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im to old to run anymore
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just a update

i returned the eggy3 for a halo b loader with rip drive

the halo b is so much nicer than eggy
the egg sat towards the back making the gun alittle back heavy

halo makes the sp1 more balanced and its not as loud so no one wil know when u need to reload you loader

i wanted a sound activated loader but pb shop didnt have any.......its a great loader handled full auto no problem and it was snowing cold and i had no chops i was running a remote

me and my friend shooting trees in the winter priceless
he has a stock vibe, me sp1 , the one thing i did notice the vibe has a different sound compared to the sp1 i thought they were the same gun in different clothes
fog in a game is great as long as its not on my mask lol
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