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A) Tournament Experience--2 years
B) Tournament Series you've played in--lost count
C) Your Gun Setup---Ion, halo,(idc what any says i like my ion)
D) Where you live---Port Charlotte, FLA
E) Anything else---I love this sport and just want to play! I would like to find a team that i can stay at and that is established with sponsors.
PM me if you want to talk i have no home field due to the fact that i just moved back from NY. I play middle front snake insert, i can play back if needed but i dont like it. Im a fast, small, and loud player. Im 18 and can practice all weekend and some times in the week i can afford all my own stuff. I can play in any tourny any time any were, i will get there and get the money.
Its not just a sport, its a lifestyle!

Aw I'm sorry are those My balls in your face?!

Put this in your sig if you play religiously

Gun for hire! looking for team in Port Charlotte area! Just moved back so got no home field! I am registered at APPA
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