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Well from my experience, the FEP Quest has NO problems standing up to ANY of the TOP markers out today. I have played with the DYE DM6/7/8/9, PE EGO 06/07/08/09 and the SL8R, MacDev Droid (07 I believe), Angel 05 & 06 Speed, Dark G7 FLY, A4 FLY, A1 & A1 FLY and I've had the opportunity to shoot the DLX Luxe. And they are all good guns, well except for the 08 & 09 EGOs (Sorry EGO fans), OMG those are the LOUDEST guns I have ever shot, hands down! The ONLY EGO I would ever consider investing in would be 06.

The Quest is still one of the lightest, by far the most air effecient and of course accurate! The things I love about the Quest is the stock barrel (quite possibly the best on the market, IMO), the stock trigger (other than the eBlade trigger) quite possibly the best IMO, and the fact that it only takes 85psi (sometimes a little lower) to cycle the bolt (can we say EFFECIENT?!?)

I am only sadden by the fact that it took me THIS long to find out about FEP and it's wonderful Quest. But now that I own one, she not going ANYWHERE anytime soon (Just like my STO Karnivor!)
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