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Originally Posted by CriticalCrysis View Post
the is no such thing as snipping.
you cant look through a scope and hit the target with one hit.
its paintball.
every shot you fire has a different fps.
it doesnt work.
Quoting Holland's Definition:
  1. A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
  2. One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.
Either you don't play woodsball often or not at all, or you're a speedball person. One hits are certainly possible, with the use of good paint and a quiet and accurate marker. The FPS factor can be virtually eliminated with a consistant gun. A pump, like a phantom, fits the description for these traits.

BTW, you wouldn't need a scope from 30yds away. A good sniper can go in, and out, without being spotted by the enemy. As long as you're getting people out without them spotting you, in all seriousness, you're a sniper.
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Thats like saying "While there are many peices of crap, this peice of crap is the best of the bunch"
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