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Ambushers is a better term then sniper for paintball because of the lack of range. All markers have about the same range/accuracy ratio. Not to mention in woodsball there are other factors such as thorns, bushes, branches, trees, etc that make long shots almost impossible because of the high chance of deflection. People who have the money to carry 3 or 4 tanks, 4000 paintballs, guns that can shoot over 30bps, and play as defence or support use range as a factor more then actual (long range) snipers just so they can keep somebody pinned down and scattered. In a real battle field, a sniper can keep the emeny's pinned down because of the distance between them and can't spot them. In paintball if you shoot once, most of the time, your cover is blown and you have been pinpointed. I personal walk around very slowly with a keen eye and try to stay concealed and try to ambush as much as possible, but I don't ever just stay in one spot and use range as a factor with one shot. I normaly brust fire with 3 - 5 shots when shooting.

I'll admit, when I first got into paintball, I wanted to be "a sniper" but after you play a few rounds of paintball, you'll relieze that there isnt such a thing as a sniper who "STAYS" hidden in one place and takes players out with "ONE" shot because most of the time it takes a few extra shots and being exposed of your postion and then that basicly takes out all of your "sniper" tactics and you have to switch to frontal assault tactics. So even snipers/ambushers in paintball will use more front line assault tactics then being hidden and concealed most of the time, though there are sometimes exceptions, but never always. Not enough for the term "sniper" to be used as a clear position, which is why the argument of the word "sniper" continues today.
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